Concert Band

Membership to Concert Band is open to students who have completed one year of Beginning Band and through audition, demonstrate the skills necessary to be successful in a fast paced group.  All Concert Band students meet daily in a full concert band setting.  Students will continue building fundamental musical skills as well as increasing their self-confidence, expressing themselves through music and working together as a team.  Students are expected to practice regularly and will have the opportunity to perform in a variety of events throughout the school year.  Students will be invited to several optional social events throughout the school year as well.  Participation in Concert Band will properly prepare students for Honor or high school band.  Concert Band students will meet once a week outside of the school day for their weekly sectional.  This time will be scheduled around other school functions.

Personal Training is highly encouraged for all Concert Band members due to the challenging level of music performed.  This one-on-one instruction is crucial to the development of our young musicians.  Financial assistance is readily available to families in need.

 Please note:  There is NO conflict between students participating in both band and athletics.  A vast majority of our students participate in both events successfully.  The band directors and coaches work extremely well together to make sure students are successful in both endeavors.