TWIB August 24th

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Trent Timberwolf Band!


Welcome back, and welcome to This Week in Band.


Every Monday you should receive an email from us in regards to any upcoming events, or important information for the week. If there is someone else who you want to get this email that currently is not, please add their email into CHARMS.


Registration is open through CHARMS! You can get to this through the band website Login in is your students 6 digit id number. Everyone is required to pay this fee as it covers expenses for the band program for the year. As well as purchases your band shirt which everyone will need at some point in the year. The band website also has some instructional videos on how to use charms if you are new to the band program.


Personal training! I’ve had a lot of questions regarding this. Supplemental training sessions are available through the band program to all band students. The one-on-one teaching environment is extremely beneficial. Our personal trainers have, or are working on, their Masters and/or Doctorate degrees in music. They are the BEST! They can customize their instruction to fit your child’s needs whether beginner or advanced. It is our experience that hard work will always rise to the top. In a given week each student may receive 10-15 minutes one-on-one instruction from a director. In one personal training session a student receives 2 to 3 times as much instruction from a professional musician each week. Over the course of a year this additional instruction adds up! Trainers are available on each instrument. Sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis with each trainer. They are approximately half a class period in length and can be scheduled during class, or before/after school. The cost of these lessons is $18.00 per week.


I still need you to fill out this google doc regardless if you are interested in personal training


BEGINNER STUDENTS: Please make sure if you have not procured an instrument yet you do so this week.


If you play a school owned instrument (oboe, bassoon, french horn, Euphonium, Tuba) a form will be coming home with your student on Tuesday. Students and parents will need to sign this form and your payment of $100 for the school year will be due before an instrument will be checked out. Payment for this is done through MyPaymentsPlus. This is now live and ready to go. If you are unsure how to use this program please ask.


Symphonic Band and Concert Band Students; We are playing this week, please make sure your instrument is in working order and you have all supplies. Objective pages will be out to your students by Tuesday.


I am looking towards a great first year here at Trent. Please never hesitate to ask any questions. We are here to help and make this a great year for your family!
Mr. Kelly